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As a non-profit organisation, El Cielo de Mallorca works through donations.  All healing and retreat visits to our farm are considered a donation designed to maintain the farm and all the animals.   Therefore, all donations recieved are tax-deductible with appropriate receipts provided to our clients for this purpose.   All first 2 hour consultations are free of charge.

We specialise in adolescent and parent coherence coaching offering different forms of healing paths.  All areas of healing and learning are adapted to the specific needs of each individual or group.   If you are wishing to participate as a group or as an individual, our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will help you feel and deal with feelings in a more positive way. 

Off-site and online sessions are always an option with full translation to Spanish or German if required.


You must be comfortable with all animals and the nature around or at least have an open mind to cohabitate when you are spending time in the sanctuary.  We're sure you'll love being around them.  

For more information or bookings please fill in your details in the contact form and we'll get in touch. Otherwise don't hesitate to reach out via WhatsApp directly  - 34 658 856 201 

Our Services

  • Walking and talking to get to know you

    2 hr

  • Group sessions

    6 hr

    80 euros
  • Offsite presentations also available

    2 hr

    65 euros
  • Live-in and transform your journey and become one with all life

    10 hr

    1,500 euros
  • Relax and enjoy new relaxing sensations with reiki Master Josep Corney

    45 min

    From 20 euros

You are never alone and all hearts beat as one 

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