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About El Cielo de Mallorca

“El Cielo de Mallorca” is a registered non-profit organisation that has been supporting the welfare of animals and mentoring young individuals on the island for over 12 years.  With our new sanctuary located near Algaida, we are now growing into a HeartMath® healing and learning centre with a group of qualified professionals focused on healing and transforming negative patterns into positive thoughts and emotions.  We know that the human heart is an incredibly intelligent organ in our bodies and want to share how we can get to know our hearts and take each beat more seriously.  We offer the most effective and up-to-date healing and guidance therapies while enlisting our beautiful family of animals and all the surrounding sentient nature surrounding to guide us through this process.

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How can we help you?

If you are experiencing negative thoughts which lead to damaging emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger or depression, we are here to guide you in becoming aware and learning how to shift these thoughts and emotions.   When your learn how, you can yourself create a realized and complete physiological change within, we have fulfilled our goal.   Your heart knows exactly which emotions help you to connect with the healthy emotions and keep its natural rhythmic balance.   We all know what happens in our bodies when we choose the negative emotions and how we immediately become out of balance.   Our aim is to guide you towards your heart and your own  realization that the heart is at the centre of your health, longevity, relationships, decision making, emotional regulation and personal growth.  In working with a variety of healing techniques, our animals and the surrounding nature, we ensure that you experience the beauty of the natural healing abilities of the sanctuary.

We believe that life should be an adventure and not a burden.

We work in a variety of ways:  adolescent/parent groups, individual sessions, 5 day stay retreats.  These sessions can also be held online or offsite.  German or Spanish translation can be provided upon request for group sessions.



HeartMath® techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research.  These techniques are being used in many areas such as military, first responders, hospitals, family, marriage counselling, schools, sports, cardiac incidents and much more.

We use various proven techniques to help guide individuals of all ages to improve their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Did you know that your heart can feel, think and decide for itself?  It actually has over 40 thousand neurons and a network of neurotransmitters that enables it to actually be an extension of your brain.  It is truly the centre of our true being.   Trust your heart!  Your heart is the seat of pure instinct and your conscious decision centre. 

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